1986 Hamburg Steinway D (8’ 10 ¾”) Concert Grand piano

in a Modern, High-Gloss Polyester, Ebony case finish.

The modern, Hamburg Steinway D concert grand piano is an international standard of performance pianos. Used in almost all major concert halls and studios of the world, this piano has enjoyed preference by most of the great European pianists since its origin in 1880. Hailed for its power and dynamic range, its ability to project in large concert halls makes this model one of the most sought after concert piano models in the world.

1986 Hamburg Steinway D (8’ 10 ¾”)



German Klinke tuning pins, German Roslau treble wire, Canadian GC hand made bass strings, German, Renner adjustable back checks, Hamburg Steinway damper under-lever, Hamburg Steinway Sostenuto, Hamburg Steinway damper felts including complete damper regulation and pedal trap work overhaul. All new authentic Hamburg Steinway action parts: hammers, hammer shanks & repetitions, including complete action regulation, hammer voicing and concert preparation.

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