Offering a very rare, 1898 Brazilian Rosewood, Hamburg Steinway C (7’5”) Semi-Concert Grand piano

in a Modern, High-Gloss Polyester, Ebony case finish with Rosewood revealed on inner rim.

The limited quantity turn-of-the-20th century Brazilian Rosewood Hamburg Steinway C semi-concert grand piano emphasizes the lyrical sound qualities embraced by prominent musicians such as Debussy and Rachmaninov during the late romantic era.

Brazilian Rosewood had been the wood of choice for exclusive interior designers and furniture makers. With its dramatic grain patterns, this beautiful wood was also chosen by the piano industry to enhance some of their most exclusive pianos in the world to serve as a centerpiece of elegant and exclusive homes of the 1900-s.

A marvel of sonic engineering, its uniquely balanced length-to-width ratio provides the deep resonance of a concert piano and the intimacy of a studio instrument. It is ideal for smaller concert halls, teaching studios, and recording studios, serving both professionals and music aficionados. The combination of keyboard sensitivity, power, colors, dynamic range, and sustain, makes this model one of the most versatile piano models in the world.

1898 Brazilian Rosewood, Hamburg Steinway C (7’5”)



Quarter-sawn Sitka-spruce soundboard, Sitka-spruce ribs, Canadian hard-maple bridge-caps, Canadian Bolduc pin-block, German Klinke tuning pins, German Roslau treble wire, Canadian GC handmade bass strings, German, Renner adjustable back checks, Hamburg Steinway damper under-lever, Hamburg Steinway Sostenuto, Hamburg Steinway damper felts including complete damper regulation and pedal trap work overhaul. New Kluge keyboard, all new authentic Hamburg Steinway action parts: hammers, hammer shanks & repetitions, including complete action regulation, hammer voicing and concert preparation.

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